Why choose just an airline or plane when you can have EVERYTHING?

FlyNAYOX offers you a flight consolidator service so you can offer your customers the best price, made possible thanks to the wide range of options that are available to us.

For operations in which you can fill a whole plane, we also provide you with a Full Charter service.

We are in direct contact with ALL the airline companies in the world.

FlyNAYOX establishes airline investigation procedures and we examine all the necessary documentation because we think that safety is priority in everything we do.

Services and Assistance

  • CONVENIENCE: we offer you a single point of contact to deal with all your needs.
  • CONSULTING SERVICES: We don’t only act as an airline broker, but we also offer consulting services. Our team has been working in the airline industry for many decades and it will answer any queries you may have.
  • ASSISTANCE: We will assist you and your team in many different areas including sales, operations, support, claims, market assessment and ancillary services.
  • STRATEGIC PARTNER: Right from the start and throughout the entire season, we will be your closest partner and supplier.