About FlyNAYOX


Being part of the holding NAYOX, FlyNAYOX is an air charter brokerage firm that provides both executive and commercial services, and we are prepared to revolutionise the international market.

We are a modern, dynamic and flexible company, clearly focused on market trends and with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs.

In FlyNAYOX we establish procedures to investigate airline companies and we examine all the necessary documentation because we believe that safety comes first in everything we do.

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Access to aircraft availability

With access to information about the availability of aircraft in any place in the world and extensive knowledge of the operational conditions, we can cover our clients’ needs within a very short time.

Our aim

To ensure that our flights fulfil and even exceed the expectations of the clients who reserve them and the passengers who are flying.

Financial stability

Under the umbrella of the NAYOX holding, a company located in Lleida, Spain, the firm is supported by a team of over 250 workers and has an annual turnover of over 100 million euros.

Numbers 2017

Aircraft available: 100.000

Passengers transported: 130.000

Flights done: 950